Effects of junk food on children’s health pdf

effects of junk food on children's health pdf

(Effects of junk food on children’s health pdf) Junk food contains fats sugar and salt so it gives us instant energy but it does not contain any health benefits. If a child is addicted to junk food and eats this type of food for a long time it can be injurious to health. Junk food Read More


(Plank )A survey conducted by Cint shows that 18.3 % of people in the United States do exercise for less than one-hour per week. Rest of the population varies in doing exercises from one to 11 hours per week. Well that is not a smaller number. Exercise is important for all of us. The plank Read More

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea was originated in China. In the olden days during the Mongol empire, it was available only for people of royal families. Other people could not consume it and if they did they were murdered for this sin. But now green tea is available everywhere. Green tea is formed from the Camellia sinensis plant. Read More

Keto Diet

what is the keto diet? You are searching for keto diet review and stuff about keto diet beginners and keto diet basic then you can find all information in this diet guide. What is keto diet meaning? Keto diet is a diet plan in which you eat 5 % carbohydrates, 20 % proteins, and 75 Read More