Ocular Migraine Without Headache Treatment

ocular migraine without headache treatment

(Ocular Migraine Without Headache Treatment) Ocular migraine causes loss of vision for a very short span of time. This can occur pre-migraine or during a migraine attack. When a migraine hits you on regular basis it can develop a vision problem that is called aura in medical terms. This aura contains sudden lights and blind Read More

Sleeping During the Day

Sleeping During the Day

(sleeping during the day ) You have heard people saying that I am a morning person or I am a night owl but research shows that we are genetically programmed to be morning people or night owls. People usually say night owl people that they sleep a lot during the day or they are lazy Read More


( Mindfulness ) Our minds wander about 47 % of the time. when our mind wanders we tend to be less happy than when we are focused on what is happening in the present moment. Our conscious attention is like precious natural resource and like every natural resource its power is limited. If we were Read More