Corona Virus

Corona Virus is not new. Corona Virus It belongs to a family of viruses. In 1960s it was discovered. During 2002 there was outbreak of Sars virus in Goagdong ( China ). People were effected by Mers ( middle east respiratory syndrome ) Virus in 2012 in Jeddah. All these belong to Corona virus family. There are mutations in structure of corona virus. This virus is changing its structure and varies from country to country. Corona Virus Update

Immune compromised patients , heart patients , older people, are largely effected by corona virus. Although younger population is also effected by it.


1: Dry cough.
2: Fever.
3: Tiredness.
4: Sore throat.
5: Body pain.
6: Shortness of breath

Sometimes patients show no symptoms but still they can be carriers of the disease. If somebody is effected by corona virus, their bodies will develop antibodies. Such persons have lesser chance to be affected by corona virus.

Activities to do during corona virus pandemic

1: Don’t panic.
2: Divert your mind.
3: Study new books.
4: Learn new skills.
5: Spend time with family.
6: Meditate.

Cure for Corona Virus

Best cure of corona virus is prevention as scientists have not yet discovered proper treatment.
Symptoms go away as time passes. But if symptoms are worse then contact your doctor as it can have serious implications. Scientists are testing chloroquine and plasma therapy to treat the virus but still is is difficult to predict results.
Dont use chloroquine on your own. WHO Corona Virus

Corona virus can be airborne so wear you mask whenever you go outside. Studies show smokers can be more susceptible to corona virus and can feel breathing problem more if effected by it. Stay safe.