Is Drinking Too Much Tea Bad for Your Kidneys

(Is Drinking Too Much Tea Bad for Your Kidneys) Tea has now become a part of our normal drinks. Billions of people consume tea whether green tea, coffee, black tea, or white tea, which on in trillion of tons. The reason behind the large amount of tea used is due to its fruitful result of it.

Tea can reduce weight, release stress, improve our memory, and many more advantages of taking tea regularly but if the quantity of tea is increased from one cup or two cups then it will be caused various problems.

The doctors have always prevented too much tea consumption that will give birth to other issues which can not be treated easily. The most common problems such as kidney diseases are affected due to it.

Top 5 Problems Arises due to Drinking Too Much Tea

Drinking too much tea can cause the following five issues which can be a result of the consumption of tea.

Accumulation of Oxalate and Calcium

In tea leaves, a large amount of oxalate and calcium are found that can accumulate in the kidney and will make a stone in it. The tea will make oxalate stones as well as calcium stones in the kidney.

Reduce Absorption of Iron

We have a variety of tea where other chemical compounds are found commonly as one type of tea leaves contains polyphenols compounds that are known as Tannins.

Taking the tea in large quantities will increase tannins in the body which will reduce the iron absorption in the body. The body will be unable to consume iron which will cause iron deficiency in the body.


Nausea can be resulted from drinking too much tea it is due to tannins which give a dry and bitter taste to a person. For one drinking 1-2cups daily on an empty stomach can cause nausea in them.

It can accumulate proteins which will cause problems in digestion. If one avoided this volume of tea then they can protect themselves from nausea.

Decrease Filtration of Blood

( Is Drinking Too Much Tea Bad for Your Kidneys )The kidney stones can block the kidney vessels which will decrease the filtration of blood. The kidney will be unable to filtrate blood.

All the waste material will not be filtrated from the blood which will govern other problems as well.

Renal Failure

If oxalate stones or calcium stones are created in the kidneys will also cause renal failure. The kidney will suddenly stop working or their normal functions( Is Drinking Too Much Tea Bad for Your Kidneys).

Which types of Tea should be Avoided?

We have various varieties of teas in which the most beneficial tea is green tea which will excrete unwanted material from the body and will prevent the formation of kidney stones. This will also break the cluster of chemicals.

Bottomed lines ( Is Drinking Too Much Tea Bad for Your Kidneys )

Drinking too much tea is bad for the kidney because if the person is taking 4-5 cups of tea regularly then it will give adverse effects on them. It will cause kidney stones, renal failure, and nausea, and also reduce the absorption of iron in the body. in a new tab) in a new tab)

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