Keto Diet

what is the keto diet?

You are searching for keto diet review and stuff about keto diet beginners and keto diet basic then you can find all information in this diet guide. What is keto diet meaning? Keto diet is a diet plan in which you eat 5 % carbohydrates, 20 % proteins, and 75 % fats from your daily intake of calories. When you eat only 5% percent carbohydrates your body starts to use fats for energy. It is as an adaptation diet. Your body adapts on a need basis. Ketogenic diet
Besides keto diet to lose weight doctors use the this diet for patients where it is the last option to cure diseases like cancer.

Keto Diet Explained?

The first objective of energy is to utilize blood sugar or glucose in your body. When you do heavy exercises and don’t eat then blood glucose lowers. But if your blood glucose lowers due to some reason like you don’t eat carbs then stored glucose in your liver and muscles utilize even before body start to use fats. That’s why for one- or two-days this diet has no effect on your body weight. But after 24 hours you feel hungry because the body gives the signal that it needs food.

It is a very difficult diet. It also has side effects. After 24 hours your blood sugar reduces. when the glycogen in your liver and muscles reduces, it signals the liver to produce more glycogen. The liver uses triglycerides for energy purposes. These triglycerides also come from blood and fats. Ketone bodies are formed from fats and these ketone bodies provide energy. As these ketone bodies increase your body becomes acidic. This acidic environment is not good for your organs. When the level of these ketone bodies increases it affects the brain and it turns into keto flu.

Keto flu:

It must happen to everybody. The body often adapts and adjusts with this situation and secretes these ketones through urine. So, body burns fats to make these ketones and weight losses. You feel exhausted and lethargic. You feel nausea. You can have a headache. But the good news is that you feel better in a few days.

Keto Diet Foods :

Keto diet does not mean that you have to eat a lot of meat. Instead fats should be used from plant sources. This diet is a different concept than ketoacidosis later is a diabetic problem where the body produces excessive ketones. There is also a myth that you lose muscles when you are on a keto diet but that’s not true.

For this diet weight loss in the first two weeks you will crave all food items including carbohydrates. You don’t need particular foods or calorie restrictions. Just remember the proportions. Stock all the keto food items in your home. During the first two weeks use 3:1 fat to proteins ratio. Follow the keto diet rules. Don’t worry about the fats that you are consuming because it is all about the keto diet concept. The body becomes use to for fats.

You can take coffee during the this diet. But don’t use regular sugar in it. It is extremely beneficial because it produces ketones in liver which ultimately produce energy. In the first two weeks don’t consume dairy products. Drink a lot of water. Do normal exercises like cardio. Use asparagus, cabbage, broccoli. Don’t uses alcohol. Use berries in fruits. Use almond butter, mayonnaise, coconut oil, nuts in fats. For more information on food and nutrition check it here

Does the keto diet fixes weight?

The answer is no. You cannot do a this diet whole life. You do it from one month to 3 months. Then you have to take a break and when you leave it weight again starts to increase. It is a temporary diet. If you want to know that is keto safe then answer is no. If your body could not cope with keto flue your organs can be damaged. But if you do keto diet under medical supervision, you can gain benefits. Is this diet dangerous? . Yes keto diet is dangerous. This diet is not for everyone. The results are temporary. Once you leave diet you gain extra weight instead.

Benefits :

  • It helps to cure Epilepsy patients.
  • Cancer patients. cancer cells survive on carbohydrates. So keto diet is an option to help cancer patients.
  • Huge reduction in body weight.
  • High cognitive function.
  • Stable levels of blood sugar.
  • It lowers insulin levels.
  • It is also beneficial in neurological conditions

Side effects:

  • Acute weight loss through this diet may cause:
  • Liver damage during keto flue.
  • Kidney damage during keto flue.
  • Hair Fall.
  • Nail damage.
  • Depression.
  • Skin Lag.
  • Stretch marks.
  • 30% increased the chances of stones in gallbladder. Gallbladder make bile to digest oil. When you take too much fat and oil in your diet then gallbladder has to do too much work. When gallbladder doesn’t work properly then it increases chances of stone formation.
  • Heart Attack risk increases.
  • Cholesterol level increases.

Recommendations :

This diet for weight loss is not easy to diet and has so many side effects. Do it under the supervision of doctors or dietitians. Do medical check-ups and tests before starting a keto diet.

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