Military Neck

What is a military Neck?

The neck consists of the spinal cord, as the cervical vertebrae call it. The cervical bone is roughly shaped like a “C”, usually with a C bend slightly backward in your neck. If your neck is military, it straightens and the slave’s head tilts forward, which means that your neck has lost some of its normal curvatures.

Symptoms of Military Neck:

The following are some of the symptoms of a spinal cord injury or abnormal rotation that can lead to many other problems, especially when the curve is bad. These may include that the neck has become military.

  • Spinal cord compression causes your head to be tilted forward and you may have difficulty lifting your head or moving your neck.
  • The military neck also makes a difference in your vision, it becomes weak.
  • When your spinal cord becomes weak it affects the neck a lot and you may have trouble swallowing anything.
  • Also, having a neck problem can make it difficult for you to breathe
  • You also have back pain
  • There is also muscle tension in your back and neck
  • In severe cases, your chin may eventually rest on your chest. Your neck can also put pressure on the roots of your spine, which can lead to other problems,

Cases of Military Neck:

Fixing a military neck is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and a long time. There are no quick terms. There are some combinations that can straighten your military neck as well as your cervical spine. It is also beneficial for health because the spine straightens. Such discs begin to be pressed. The discs work specifically to improve the shape of the curve and the discs compress with the military neck and they gradually begin to lose their capabilities in this case Currently, they also lose the ability to withstand shock and cause spinal deformities. Cervical pressure causes neck pain, joint pain, and hand-to-hand pain because of cervical discs. They cause a decrease in height.

Military Neck pillow:

Here we will tell you about the best pillow for a military neck. Using it you can straighten the cervical crew. It is called cervical kyphosis or hypovolardosis of the cervical spine. Which forms the cervical spine. The curve in the spine helps to provide stability and muscle balance to the neck. It has a strong, yet flexible shape to support the weight of the head as well as maintain flexibility. Therefore, a military neck occurs when the cervical spine is straight instead of normal curves, and perhaps a better way to describe it than hypolordosis, which usually involves reversing the normal curve. Is. If you have this condition, it is advisable to find a solution to normalize the curves of the neck as much as possible. One of the best ways is to find the best pillow for your neck. A pillow that is too high or using 2 or more pillows while lying on your back can also get you into a military neck.

Treatment of Military Neck :

Physical therapy, neck brace, and mild pain medication are recommended to treat military neck, as long as the neck curve is not pressing on the spinal cord, in which case the doctor may possibly recommend surgery. ۔ The most common surgery for cervical kyphosis is spinal fusion.

Physical therapy :

 Recommended either as a stand-alone treatment or after surgery, may include specific neck exercises to strengthen muscles, such as cervical lateral flexion, cervical flexion and extension, and cervical rotation. The physical therapist can also do neck traction, in which the neck is slightly extended.

For home remedies, your doctor or physical therapist may recommend that you do the following:

Review your ergonomics :

You are well aware that your work environment is designed in such a way that you can position your neck properly. And it doesn’t have to bend for no reason, that is, your neck is provided with the same level so that you are not sitting at a height and the level of what you are working is deeper than your sitting, for example, you This may include changing the height of the table, the position of your computer screen, or the chair you use. And you try to keep up the good content

Reckless use of mobile :

Take special care in your daily routine that when you use the mobile, you will not be lying down, it will make your neck more tired and it will also have a great effect on your eyesight. Do not use it as it affects your shoulders and neck and also raises the risk of the military neck. To get rid of it it is important that you take care of the things that are harmful.

Try to relax your neck as much as possible Relaxation :

 Can help reduce pain and promote healing, especially if your condition is caused by repetitive movements or occupational conditions. Avoid activities that hurt your neck. A neck collar may also be suggested to restrict your movement. Keep your neck in position. A special contour pillow can help keep your neck upright while you sleep. A rolled towel or a commercial neck roll can also be used. Slide it inside your pillow to support the rotation of your neck. Your doctor may also suggest using specific positions to help reduce the pain in your neck.

Do not carry heavy loads :

People who have a military neck should avoid carrying very heavy objects on their head because their neck has become a military neck due to a spinal cord injury so they should keep it safe in all their affairs and health should be taken care of

Apply ice :

Ice packs and ice bags can help reduce pain. Your doctor or physical therapist will probably recommend using ice for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. You can also massage the wound site by rubbing an ice cup or ice cube on the wound.

Take a hat :

 Heating pads, hot packs, or a hot bath or shower can all be helpful. Heat often works best when applied for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. This gives your neck better healing.


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