Our minds wander about 47 % of the time. when our mind wanders we tend to be less happy than when we are focused on what is happening in the present moment. Our conscious attention is like precious natural resource and like every natural resource its power is limited.

If we were to total up all the information we receive from the sensory neurons in our body sight and sound and taste of touch and smell, every second our brain is bombarded by about 11 million bits of information. Our conscious attention can handle only 60 bits of that information. All remaining information is processed by unconscious brain part. We spread this little 60 bits of information to do multitasking.So our conscious attention has to switch from one thing to another again and again. That”s the reason that when we do multitasking , we actually are worse at just about everything we do. We take more time and perform worse. We multitask to lower our stress by performing various task at one time but actually we are increasing our stress level in this way because it increases stress hormone cortisol. This increases distraction of mind. Mindfulness reduces stress level raised due to multitasking and helps to pay attention and focus on present. Mindfulness

Our mind remains in past or in future .Our mind stuck from past memories or future plannings. A wandering mind is an unhappy mind. Most of us also feel lonely. Then negative self talk also malign our thoughts. There is also a lack of purpose that effects our mind. If we are at present moment we will be free from such sufferings. Minfulness helps to overcome these situations. It is the practice of paying attention to the present moment on purpose by not judging anything.

Our brain are constantly changing by forces around us. We dont know what these forces are?. We have little control over those forces. Mindfulness meditation has been shown to change the structure of brain. Practicing 40-45 minutes a day, we can improve concentration , decision making , compassion.
Four pillars of healthy mind are

Awareness ie knowing what our mind is doing ?
Connections ie qualities like appreciation, kindness, compassion.
Insight ie positive self believe.
Purpose of life.

Depression is caused by lack of any of these factors and mindfulness enhances all these four pillars. Mindfulness Benefits

Technique :

Sit on a chair quitely and start focousning on your breath. Focus on you foot, then gradually lower back area and shoulder and then head. Notice any body sensations but dont judge. Notice any tastes , smells , touches or sounds but dont judge. Notice any emotions like happiness, sadness, anger and allow these emotions without judgement and let them pass.

During practicing mindfulness techniques as you breathe in or breath out , you start noticing that your mind wanders from one thought to another, ranging from past thought to future thought. At this point we start to judge ourselves , if we are doing right or not ? Dont judge at this point. Just allow you thoughts and practice to be at present moment.