A survey conducted by Cint shows that 18.3 % of people in the United States do exercise for less than one-hour per week. Rest of the population varies in doing exercises from one to 11 hours per week. Well that is not a smaller number. Exercise is important for all of us. The plank is a strength exercise in which you hold your body and the push-up position for as long as you can hold. It is the whole-body exercise in which you hold all your body weight in one position. It is a simple exercise with a lot of benefits. Results are marvelous in a short span of time. 


Plank exercise benefits: 

  • It helps in improving the posture. 
  •  It cures back pain. 
  •  It helps in improving the metabolism. 
  •  Our body becomes more flexible when we do this exercise. 
  •  It helps in relieving depression symptoms. 
  •  It makes bones and joints healthy. 
  •  You have more ability to lift weights when you do this exercise. 
  •  It improves our ability to bend sideways. 
  •  It improves our sports performance. 

Planks for Beginners: – 

Lie straight upside down on a mattress. Hold your body up as you do push-ups. Hold your shoulder up and full body weight should be on your toes and hands. Hold your toes inward. It is just like push-ups. Your spine back and legs should be in the same direction. Hold this position for about a minute and then release. 

Side plank: 

Lie on your right side. Lie in straight position from hips to feet. Elbow of the right arm should be under your shoulder. Make sure your head must be in straight position along with your spine. Put your left arm on left side of body. Now lift you hand hips and legs from your right side. Your whole-body weight now rests on your right arm, right toe, and right side while another arm is lying on your left side. Hold your body in this position for about one minute and release. 

Low Plank: 

Hold your body in a position as simple plank as mentioned above and the difference is you lower your shoulders midway from the ground to full length shoulders up. It is like you are doing half push-ups. Hold your body in this position for about one minute and then release. 

How long should beginner hold a plank? 

It depends on your health. A healthy person should have a target to hold body in plank position for about two minutes. That’s enough but in starting just do it for about one minute. 

Do planks burn belly fat? 

The answer is no. This exercise helps to make muscles of shoulder, arm, legs stronger. But it does not burn calories as faster as other exercises do. Squats and push-ups can do better to burn belly fat than planks. 

how many planks a day to see results? 

Initially do 30 seconds plank in sets of three daily. After becoming used to, do one-minute plank in three sets daily. That is enough and you will be surprised to see the results.