Shungite Healing Properties

(Shungite healing properties)Nowadays, healing stones have been becoming popular. These stones have been recommended by astrologers and therapists to heal different diseases of the mind and body. These healing crystals are considered complementary or alternative medicines. Shungite is one such popular stone that has been used because of its healing properties. The stone is popular for its working against harmful germs, free radicals, and pollutants. Owing to its healing properties, the stone is beneficial in many aspects.

What is Shungite stone?

Shungite is a rare stone on earth. It is a black-colored stone made of 99 percent carbon. The stone is unique in its composition. It contains fullerenes and all minerals that are found in the periodic table. Shungite is opaque but lustrous and metallic because of its shining properties. It is mainly found in Shunga, a village in Karelia, Russia. It has also been reported that the deposits of Shungite are also present in Austria, India, Kazakhstan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Types of Shungite stone:

Shungite is of black color and its type ranges from black to deep bronze color. Shungite is also prepared in industries by using different percentages of carbon.

What is an elite Shungite?

Elite Shungite is a type of Shungite that is of the highest quality. It is made of 99 percent carbon and shiny in its appearance. Compared to elite Shungite, there is regular Shungite that is matte black and has 30 to 50 percent of carbon. Elite Shungite is rare, normally regular Shungite is used. Regular Shungite also has healing properties.

Origin of Shungite:

There are different theories about the origin of Shungite on earth. It is made up of carbon that is present in organic matters. As per the scientists, the stone is at least two billion years old, meaning thereby it was of a time when there is no organic matter on earth. Following are a few:

  • a meteor collided with the Earth’s surface and divided into Shungite.
  • Shungite is present on the earth owing to some microorganism.
  • Shungite is made by changing the composition of matter in metamorphic rocks.

Shungite Healing Properties:

The rare stone of Shungite has a number of benefits. Though there is little scientific evidence regarding the benefits of Shungite, a few purported ones are as follows:

Killing of harmful germs:

Shungite has the properties of killing harmful bacteria and viruses. Shungite has fullerenes which is a form of composition of carbon atoms. Such composition is known as carbon nanostructures. It is a unique physical form of carbon. As per the reports, carbon nanostructures have the properties of killing harmful germs. When carbon nanostructures interact with germs, they lose their electrons and die. The carbon nanostructures can also destroy the cell walls of bacteria and viruses.

Reduce of oxidative stress:

Oxidative stress is caused by damaging molecules that are harmful to healthy cells. Oxidative stress can be cured by Shungite stone because of its antioxidant properties. The antioxidant property of Shungite has been proved by an experiment. In the experiment, a mouse was exposed to ultraviolet B radiation. When the mice’s skin was damaged, the animal was healed by Shungite stone.

Purification of water:

The most important property of Shungite stone is its ability to purify water. The studies show that Shungite can purify water from contaminants and chemicals such as pesticides. The stone can also filter radioactive compounds. It has also been said that Shungite can kill bacteria and viruses that are present in water.

Relieve stress:

Like many others healing stones and crystals, it has been reported that Shungite can reduce stress. It has been said that Shungite can soak up negative energies and balance emotions thereby reducing stress.

Shields electromagnetic radiations:

It has also been said that Shungite can protect from electromagnetic fields.

Healing different physical ailments:

Shungite can heal many physical ailments when mixed with water. Following physical diseases can be treated with Shungite.

  • Liver diseases
  • Kidney diseases
  • Gallbladder problems
  • Pancreatic problems
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Gastric issues
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Autoimmune diseases

Reduce inflammation:

Shungite also has the ability to reduce inflammation. As per the scientists, with more research, the stone can be used in the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Shungite water and its healing properties

The benefits of Shungite have also been gained by using it with water. Shungite enriches water with oxygen. Shungite also fills the water with calcium, magnesium, and many other minerals that are essential for the maintenance of the human body. Shungite also purifies water. Fullerenes in Shungite attract water-borne germs and free radicals and then neutralize them. Shungite water has been prepared to use for different healing purposes.

How to prepare Shungite water?

Shungite water can be prepared by the following procedure:

  • Rinse the residue off Shungite under running water. Rub the stone either by brush or hand.
  • Place the rinsed stones in a enameled pan. Cover with fresh cold and boil for thirty minutes.
  • Drain the water and cool it.
  • Place the boiled Shungite in a container that can be of glass, ceramic or enamel. Pour cold water over Shungite.
  • Use 200 gram of regular Shungite per 1 liter of water for the preparation of Shungite water.
  • Leave the Shungite water for least overnight, or up to three days to get maximum benefits of the water.
  • The sediments in the water settle down. These sedimentsare harmless and can be drained.
  • The Shungite water container can be refilled with fresh water when it gets low. The water is of high significance beacuse of its healing abilities and can be used for number of purposes.

How long does Shungite last?

According to Regina Martino, a French Bioenergetics researcher on Shungite, the stone can be kept indefinitely.

How to use Shungite stone?

Shungite has been used by people in different ways that are as follows:

Placing in water:

As Shungite has the property of purification of water. That’s why the stone has been used as a filter. It can also be placed in water for two to three days for purification of water.

Wear as jewellery:

Shungite has also been worn by fixing different jewelry items.

Display in the house:

People also display Shungite stones in their houses to reduce negative energies. The stone has also been put along with the bed to avoid sleeping problems.

Carry in bag:

People also carry the stone in their bags or put it in their pockets.

Place near sources of electromagnetic spectrum:

Shungite stone has also been placed near the source of electromagnetic radiation to avoid the harmful effects of the radiation.

Meditate with the stone:

Some people also meditate with the stone to get rid of negative energies and for peace of mind.

Other benefits of Shungite stone:

Other than healing, Shungite is also useful for many other purposes. For example

Shungite has been used in sustainable agriculture. Shungite is used in farming because it is rich in bioactive compounds and microelements. In addition to this, the Shungite is also helpful to heel animals. That’s why it has been used for pets to protect and cure them.

How to take care of Shungite stone:

Usually, rare stones and crystals are placed in protected places to avoid dirt and contamination. They are washed with flowing water to keep them clean. Shungite has also been protected by the same measures.

The bottom line

Shungite is one of the rare stones on the earth. The stone is not only rare but also possesses qualities that are of huge significance. The stone has healing properties that can treat a number of physical and mental diseases. Though there is little scientific evidence about the medical and clinical properties of Shungite, the stone has been used by people for different healing purposes. In order to fetch more benefits from Shungite, there is a need for scientific research on the stone.

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