Dead Tooth

January 6, 2021 admin 2

Teeth are a living part of the human body. They are made up of hard and soft living tissues. Nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels Read More

Natural Antihistamines

October 26, 2020 admin 6

Natural antihistamines are herbs to treat allergies naturally. According to a survey conducted in 2019, about 41 percent of people suffered from hay fever and Read More

Clover Honey

October 24, 2020 admin 5

A brief introduction to Honey: People have been using honey for ages. Its benefits are globally accepted. Honey is a golden, viscous syrup produced by Read More

Spongiotic Dermatitis

September 22, 2020 admin 4

Spongiotic dermatitis is a reaction pattern of dermatitis. It is the condition in which the top layer of skin ie epidermis containing spongiotic dermatitis is Read More

Benefits of Green Tea

August 14, 2020 admin 4

Green tea was originated in China. In the olden days during the Mongol empire, it was available only for people of royal families. Other people Read More


August 14, 2020 admin 34

Our minds wander about 47 % of the time. when our mind wanders we tend to be less happy than when we are focused on Read More