HIIT workout means higher intensity interval training. Let’s discuss this method. We often think that if we want to be fit then we have to spend hours in the gym and due to this concept people cant try to be fit and reduce their weight. HIIT workout is for those people who don’t have much Read More

What Is Body Cavitation

Body Cavitation

( Body Cavitation )You will no longer need any exercise or heavy dieting to lose excess body fat. There are many people who , despite exercising daily , cannot achieve the desired results. Get Rid Of Fat Now It’s Very Easy To Get Rid Of Stomach Fat And Excess Fat On Different Parts Of Your Read More

Clover Honey

A brief introduction to Honey: (Clover Honey )People have been using honey for ages. Its benefits are globally accepted. Honey is a golden, viscous syrup produced by honeybees and widely used as a sweetener, replacing artificial sweeteners, but also its uses in medicine and skincare products are well renowned. Honey has been used as food Read More

Dislocated toe

Dislocated Toe

“What is dislocated toe” Ehlers-Danlos syndrome ( dislocated toe) is an inherited disease that weakens your connective tissues, causing your joints to become loose and increasing your chances of being dislocated. Ligaments are tissues that connect joints and bones when you get a turf toe (a common big toe injury) the ligaments spread to the Read More

Military Neck

What is a military Neck? The neck consists of the spinal cord, as the cervical vertebrae call it. The cervical bone is roughly shaped like a “C”, usually with a C bend slightly backward in your neck. If your neck is military, it straightens and the slave’s head tilts forward, which means that your neck Read More


What are cankles?  Cankles is a term used to describe when the skin on the top of your feet hangs over the back of your ankle. It can also refer to when there is a visible indentation on the front of your ankles.  Cankles are caused by weight gain and usually happen in women who Read More