Disadvantages of Black Tea with Lemon

(Disadvantages of Black Tea with Lemon) Many people around the world take black tea with lemon to take the start of the day and some drink it at night to release the toxic material from their bodies as it is considered is one of the best diuretics substances that can control water retention in your body and it is considered a very common tea. But various nutritionists suggested that taking lemon with black tea can also cause many health issues which can take time while treating Those people who take the maximum amount of black tea which contains caffeine that can lead to other serious health problems.

Adverse Effects of Black Tea with Lemon

Some of the most common disadvantages of black tea with lemon are given below;

  • Alzheimer’s

The imbalance intake of black tea with lemon can cause Alzheimer’s in a person with time. Because usually too much lemon and black tea can accumulate plaque in the brain which is directly connected to Alzheimer’s disease.

While it can also lead to headaches due to taking a large amount of caffeine in back tea (Disadvantages of Black Tea with Lemon).

  • Tooth decay

An additional important disadvantage of black tea with lemon is that it can damage your teeth’ enamel and can cause tooth decay which will be vulnerable to acute pain, as well as the removal of enamel from the teeth, which can open it for bacteria and will easily lose it.

  • Stomach Problems

In many people, it causes stomach problems due to large intake but this tea can result in diarrhea, stomach ache, as well as cranky bowel syndrome which can further lead to ulcers.

But all these effects can be avoided if people prevented the large intake of this tea in the morning with a vacant stomach. Or those who are already suffering from a stomach issue should discuss it with their consultant doctor before taking it.

  • Heart Burning

Lemon black tea can increase the pH level in our stomach which can result in an acidic reflex. In acid reflux, the acid moves from the stomach to the esophagus which can prompt a burning sensation in the chest that can lead to heart burning. Sometimes it also causes vomiting due to excessive use of it.

  • Adverse Effects on Pregnancy

Commonly women take black tea with lemon to reduce extra fats from the body which can help them in easy delivery. But according to nutritionists, it has many adverse effects on pregnancy as it contains a large amount of caffeine that can arouse miscarriage or can govern other serious problems as well.

Final Thoughts (Disadvantages of Black Tea with Lemon)

The most common tea and very popular among the people is regarded as black tea with lemon. Various people intake this tea for its several advantages but side by side it can also cause unlimited health issues such as tooth erosion, headache, heart burning, an increased risk of miscarriage in a pregnant woman, and many more. Avoiding large amounts of intake of this tea can help us in preventing these issues.

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