Effects of junk food on children’s health pdf

(Effects of junk food on children’s health pdf) Junk food contains fats sugar and salt so it gives us instant energy but it does not contain any health benefits. If a child is addicted to junk food and eats this type of food for a long time it can be injurious to health. Junk food can have hazardous elements such as

  • Coloring agent
  • Flavoring agents
  • Preservatives
  • Toppings like mayonnaise and catchup
  • Processed Food like frozen or packet food, canned food
  • Fat like French fries
  • Added sugar like in cold drinks

Children often don’t know its effects and secondly, it is good in taste so children enjoy eating junk food and get addicted to it.

effects of junk food on children’s health pdf

Following are the effects of junk food on children’s health:


Junk food has two to three times of calories than normal food. Since the body doesn’t need this added number of calories so it stores these calories in the form of fat. That is why children gain more weight.

Chronic Illness

Junk food increases the risk of chronic illnesses. Diabetes, Heart disease, stroke, and kidney diseases can happen to such children in later life who consume a large amount of junk food.

Self Esteem and Depression

Junk food can create weight gain in children so their physical activities disturb in a negative way. Children can’t perform well in school activities so children feel low self-esteem and depression.

Focus and Energy

Since junk food contains sugar so when children take food containing sugar their energy levels boost suddenly. But this is temporary and the energy level falls down soon. So ultimately children don’t get essential energy levels for their overall development.

Digestive Disorders

Fast food does not contain fiber which is essential for a good digestive system so it can develop digestive problems like constipation and intestine disorders.

Poor Dental Health

Junk food has sticky substances which remain in the teeth of children and added sugar level in junk food increases acid levels hence this increases the risk of developing cavities in teeth.

Sleep Problems

Cold drinks contain caffeine and this caffeine disturbs the sleep cycle in children and impacts negatively children’s mental health and development.


If your children are taking junk food more than three times a week their chances of developing diseases like rhinitis, eczema, or asthma become greater. And if children are taking junk foods more than 4 times a week it means their mathematical and problem-solving skills are lowering.


   In the body omega, 3 and omega-6 fatty acids and necessary for cell membranes and are also essential for the brain and retina. These elements are not present in junk foods. Due to the lack of these substances children may develop an antisocial attitude and also hyperactivity.(Effects of junk food on children’s health pdf)

 High Blood Pressure

Junk foods mostly contain salt in high amounts. Sodium present in salt may have a negative effect on heart and blood pressure.

 Kidney Problems

(Effects of junk food on children’s health pdf) Since sodium is present mostly in junk foods this sodium can retain water in the body. This condition is called edema. This way kidneys can be damaged.

 Type 2 Diabetes

Since soft drinks and juices contain a very high amount of sugar. Consuming these products may disturb insulin levels in the body and ultimately will cause type 2 diabetes in children.

Conclusion :

( Effects of junk food on children’s health pdf) If your children are consuming more junk food then you have to tell them the side effects of junk foods. Inform them about the necessary nutrition values of a balanced diet. While visiting restaurants gives them healthy options to eat having more vegetables and fruits.