Food allergies that cause dark circles under eyes

Food allergies that cause dark circles under the eyes

(Food allergies that cause dark circles under eyes) Are you worried about how your eyes look when you see a mirror having rings under your eyes? You are searching for causes that can cause these nasty bags under your eyes. Then this blog is very beneficial for you because we will discuss items like foods that you must prevent in order to get rid of these eye bags. It is a usual concept that dark circles are created by lack of sleep Dark circles develop under your eyes then blood accumulates under your eyes and capillaries under your eyes start to leak and stretch. Another reason that might cause dark circles is hyperpigmentation. This happens when melanin accumulates under your eyes. Asian-skinned people mostly suffer from this. Genes can also play a major role. Age is another factor. During the aging process, collagen starts to reduce. And this thing causes dark circles to be prominent.  If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you can develop dark circles. Besides all these factors, there is another factor that causes dark circles and that is food allergies. You might think how can food items cause dark circles? But yes it happens. Almost 140 food items can cause allergies can also cause dark circles. These food items include:


           Gluten is found in barley, wheat products, rye, wheat, and wheat flour. Some people can’t tolerate this substance and allergic reaction starts in these people. Due to this allergy, they have dark circles. These types of dark circles can be improved by not consuming wheat products.

Dairy products

                          Whey proteins and casein that are present in milk can cause allergic reactions in people and dark circles can be formed as a result. Another disease that can cause dark circles is lactose intolerance. During lactose intolerance, there are no lactase enzymes. These enzymes break down lactose in milk.

Food allergies that cause dark circles under eyes

Preservatives (Food allergies that cause dark circles under eyes)

                        Butylated hydroxytoluene salicylates, dyes, and sodium benzoate are commonly used to preserve food items. These items can produce allergic reactions and hives and dark circles. If you are allergic to these substances, please read the ingredients carefully and avoid such food items that contain these substances.


                Caffeine-related products like soda, energy drinks, tea, and coffee can help us stay awake and energetic. Caffeine stimulates adrenal glands. As a result, more cortisol is produced and it contributes to fluid retention and the skin under your eyes becomes puffy. Caffeine also expands blood vessels under the eyes and results in dark circles. Cut your caffeine intake if you want to get rid of these dark circles(Food allergies that cause dark circles under eyes).


          Sugar can cause dehydration. It produces insulin resistance. Sugar can also stimulate adrenal glands producing more cortisol. All these factors cause dark circles to get worsen. Avoid sugary foods to get your eyes prominent and dark circles free(Food allergies that cause dark circles under eyes).


       If you make your food without salt it would be tasteless. A small amount of salt is necessary to add taste to food but too much salt can cause dark circles because salt has sodium. Too much sodium can cause puffiness under the eyes and fluid retention. It is a good idea to cut your salt consumption if you are worried about your dark circles(Food allergies that cause dark circles under eyes).